Slope of a Line

First, let's remind ourselves what slope means: Slope
And second, how to find the equation of a line: Equation

Please separate into the following groups:
Group 1: Jessica Bourne, Tyler Elliot, Jourdan Evanish => Breathing bag
Group 2: Adrienne Geers, Chelsea Hahn, Robyn Held => Running in place
Group 3: Amanda Kunkel, John Lanphear, Benjamin Lehman => Jumping Jacks
Group 4: Morgan McFarlin, Erin Merz, Heather Metcalf => Running in place with ankle weights
Group 5: Kara Miladinov, Kristin Schmidt, Abby Schafer, Janet Zydney => Push Ups
Group 6: Anthony Siemer, Marijo Sunderman, Theresa Williams => Sit Ups

Slope can mean different things depending on what is being graphed. Today we are going to look at change in heart rate over time. In your group, choose one person to record data, one person to run the stopwatch, and one person to exercise. Send one person to the front to be assigned an exercise. Here is an online stopwatch to use: Stopwatch

Step 1
Record the pulse in BPM of your exercise person while they are sitting down for two minutes. Record pulse every fifteen seconds and then multiply that number by four. You should have seven data points. This will be the resting pulse.
Step 2
Have your exercise person do the assigned activity for two minutes. Once they are done, record their pulse rate every fifteen seconds for three minutes. Once again you should have seven data points.
Step 3
Important! Each person is making their own spreadsheet. This is not group work. However you will be using the data from the group work.Using the data you collected, create an Excel spreadsheet that is similar to the one provided below. Feel free to be creative and experiment. However you must have the following somewhere on your sheet for both active and resting heart rates:
(1) Time/Pulse data
(2) Linear graph with title, axis titles, trend line, and equation displaying slope
(3) Name
If you finish early, help others with their spreadsheets.

Sample Spreadsheet:
Step 4
Post your Excel spreadsheet here in the format: "Cartman's Spreadsheet". Obviously use your name instead. Unless your name is Cartman.

Step 5
Once you are done, see the board for additional problems.